Welcome to Trew

Your ridesharing service, where riders and drivers deal directly with each other

we are different


We have a simple vision: let people arrange their transportation the most efficient way that benefits the most for both the riders and the drivers


For the drivers

You see all the requests in your area, you pick one

You make your quote yourself

You keep all the income

You are free to use any other similar services


For the riders

You can choose from multiple offers

You will get the best price - guaranteed

As safe as any other ridesharing service

You pay no commission* to anyone

*prices of other ridesharing services usually include a hidden 15-30% commission for every ride

Drivers for riders


Driver registration


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Pricing Table


Unlimited Driver*

5 /month

  • pay 0% commission
  • accept unlimited rides
  • work anytime you want
  • *free while in beta


$19 lifetime

  • One User
  • 1000 ui elements
  • E-mail support